Fearn: Christian Focus, 2018

This short little work deals with the text and canon of the Old Testament, and of the New. Although it is short – and in my view, perhaps too short, it is quite comprehensive. It is very instructive in giving the big picture of how widespread, for example, the Gospels were distributed, and accepted as authoritative, in the early Church. The manuscript transmission was lacking some detail, although it is a difficult subject to treat simply. The general points, however, were well made. If any secularist or Muslim in your purview has dosed himself up on Bart Ehrman or the Qur’an, and added a touch of the Gospel of Jesus’ Wife, the Gospel of Judas, or Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code to his education, this would be a good place to start in refuting such embarrassing works.

A Christian’s Pocket Guide to Howe We Got the Bible

Old and New Testament Canon and Text

Greg Lanier | Christian Focus

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