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Category: Ministry

people praying inside the church

Multi-Site Churches?

Multi-Service, Multi-Site, Multi-Church Some things become so common as to seem normal, even inevitable, when in reality they are innovations. For many churches, it’s normal to repeat the same worship […]


HOW TO GIVE OURSELVES WITHOUT PREACHING OURSELVES              Ministering the gospel in a godly way is not just difficult but impossible. To the Thessalonian Christians, Paul spoke of himself as like a nursing mother (1 Thess.2:7) and also like a father (1 Thess.2:11). His language was very strong: ‘So, being affectionately desirous of you, we were ready to share with […]

Song: God’s Perfect Plan

(Tunes: All Saints or Joyful, Joyful) 1. God has made us in His image,In His likeness we were formed,Pinnacle of His creation,Known by Him before we’re born.In rebellion, we were […]