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The Importance of Preaching in a Post-Covid World

I had the privilege of preaching at Scots Presbyterian in Sydney a couple of Sundays ago, and it reminded me of how much I miss the joy of being able […]

Social Commentary 1

Where Does Honesty Come From?

After attending a meeting in Sydney’s CBD, I headed home by train to Artarmon. After I got off the train, I realised that I had left my wallet on the […]

Christian Life

When Cancer Strikes

“Cancer,” said the urologist, “But superficial. I’ll be able to treat it with minor procedures.” Mind you, I didn’t like those kinds of minor procedures, but was glad that it […]

Christian Life

The Theological Problem with Porn

As has been well-documented, pornography is a massive problem in today’s world. Whereas in previous years the challenge was how to access it, the issue now is how to avoid […]