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Social Commentary

What’s Wrong with The Uluru Statement from the Heart

Anthony Albanese’s first act as Prime Minister was to replace two of the three Australian flags in the Parliaments House (Media) Blue Room, and replace them with an Aboriginal and Torres […]

Social Commentary 2

The Corruption of the Australian University

The Australian universities—especially in the area of the humanities—are failing to educate the next generation. And we are now at a point where the existing tertiary institutions cannot be saved, […]

Daniel Andrews Defies God and His Own Church

Daniel Andrews, the Roman Catholic Premier of Victoria, has not only defied the God of the Bible, turned a deaf ear to the wider Christian population, but has specifically rejected […]

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The Wesleyan Quadrilateral vs The Presbyterian Pentagon There’s a helpful and well-known method for indulging in theological reflection called ‘The Wesleyan Quadrilateral’. Consistent with its geometric shape, each of its […]