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The Purpose of Prayer is to Change God’s Mind, (Part 3)

1. Introduction This article addresses the third question about God’s repentance: “How can God’s changing His mind be reconciled with God having an eternal plan, decided and settled in eternity […]


The Purpose of Prayer is to Change God’s Mind, (Part 2)

1. Introduction In the first instalment of this series, I showed that God’s repentance is not because He sinned in any way whatsoever. In this part, I ask: “How can […]


The Purpose Of Prayer Is To Change God’s Mind, (Part 1)

1. Introduction When we read in the Scriptures that God repented (Exod 32:14; Amos 7:3, 6), many Christians get decidedly uneasy. Has God sinned that He needs to repent? How […]

Christian Life

In Whom Do I Trust?

There are people who like to think that they do not trust anything or anyone. It used to be common for people to say that they only believed what they […]

Book Review

Book Review: The Other Worldview (Dr. Peter Jones)

Bellingham, WA: Kirkdale Press, 2015 Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones remains the most pre-eminent preacher in the English language from the twentieth century. Having said that, it is not unfair to say that some of his evangelistic and revival sermons from the Old Testament were lacking a little in proper context. That cannot be said of this series dating from 1956, based […]