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Noel Weeks: A Memorial

On 14 March 2020 a memorial service for Dr Noel Weeks was held at the Shire Christian School, the school he did so much to help set up in and […]

Christian Life

The Value and Dignity of People

If you want to express your disgust at a country, how would you do it? What action can you take against a nation that displays your anger towards the people […]

Christian Life

Pressing On or Treading Water?

Moderator’s Comments – Posted 20 April 2020 There is still a strange eerie feeling about the community at the moment. It was present during the bushfires, and it is still […]

Christian Life

Disability, Vocation, and the Grace of God

Presbyterian Churches are being asked to recognise Sanctity of Life Sunday. Given the public discourse around abortion and euthanasia, this is particularly prudent. Changes in NSW legislation concerning abortion have […]