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How Did Jesus View the Cross?

It is a commonplace in theologically liberal circles to downplay the cross, to say, as Adolf von Harnack did, that the gospel is all about the fatherhood of God, the […]

Christian Life

Family Worship: What does God Say?

Every church desires growth. Surprisingly few churches, however, seek to promote internal church growth by stressing the need to raise children in covenantal truth. In many churches and homes family […]

Christian Life

Four Tool Boxes for Parents

A tradesman carries multiple tool boxes. This is probably mostly due to the fact that they have too many tools, and their tools are too oddly shaped, to fit into […]

Christian Life

Help! I Don’t Have “the Gift” of Evangelism

“But I don’t have the gift of evangelism!” my friend exclaimed. “I’m not an extrovert. I haven’t been to Bible college and I don’t know how to start gospel conversations […]