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The Pornification of Modern Entertainment

Mark Powell spoke recently to writer and researcher Cap Stewart on the impact of pornography on modern entertainment. This makes for a fascinating discussion on how porn was become so […]


Interview: Nancy Pearcey on ‘Toxic Masculinity’

In this interview Mark Powell talks to Prof. Nancy Pearcey about the controversial topic of “Toxic Masculinity”. How did being masculine go from being a virtue to a vice? And […]

Book Review: Peter Cameron by Campbell Markham

Book Review, Paul Cooper and David Burke (eds.). Principle & Principal: the other side of the Rev Dr Peter Cameron heresy trial. Stanhope Gardens, NSW: Eider Books, 2023. It can be purchased […]

Religious Freedom in a Secular Age

Since the re-definition of marriage in 2017 things have changed in Australia every way. At the time some people accused those against gay marriage as being like Henny Penny, claiming […]

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Social Commentary

Welcome to Country?

WELCOME TO COUNTRY, ACKNOWLEDGMENT OF COUNTRY: THE ISSUES AT STAKE        The practices of ‘Welcome to Country’ (WtC) and ‘Acknowledgment of Country’ (AoC) have become used widely, to put it mildly, […]

Ten Christians Who Died Young (with Chinese translation)

Having not long turned fifty, I have found myself increasingly reflecting on my own mortality. The Bible says that the key to gaining a heart of wisdom is to “number […]

Highlights from the 2023 GAA

Every three years the General Assembly of Australia (GAA) meets for a week-long conference to discuss business relating to the federal church. Whereas the various state assemblies focus on governance […]

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Faith and Reason

Faith and Reason – Friends or Enemies? If you profess to have a Christian faith in our current Australian Western culture of 2023 it is easy to feel that you […]