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The Unstoppable Gospel

The book of Acts is well suited to be studied in a year of what we hope will be recovery like 2021. The affect of Acts is to bring about […]

Christian Life

Thomas Clarkson: A Man Willing to Change

Moving a dinner plan forward, changing your coffee order, swapping shirts just before you rush out the door – we change our minds all the time. But what drives us […]

Book Review

Review: Free to Change: Survey of 78 Ex-LGBT People

Cause, Free to Change: Survey of 78 Ex-LGBT People, available through cause.victoria@gmail.com Before the Victorian government passed its oppressive laws banning ‘conversion therapy’ in February 2021, it drew on a […]

Social Commentary 1

Are you more Likely to be Abused as an Anglican?

It is an interview I will never forget. In my mid 20’s I was just a couple of years into my ministry in the Scottish Highlands when a young woman […]

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Christian Life

The Model

How refreshing to watch Ashleigh Barty’s demeanour and sportsmanship on display at this year’s Wimbledon Tennis Championship. Ash’s speech commending her opponent, thanking her team and the crowd, exuded down […]

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Christian Life

Who is the Child?

Throughout the history of mankind, the natural progression of life has been birth, ultimately followed by death at some point in time.  During these trying times it might be worth looking […]