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Return to Eden: Philipp Melanchthon’s Exposition of Genesis 3.15

God originally placed Adam and Eve in Eden, which is literally a place of ‘delight’. After sin entered in, in Genesis 3, God exiled Adam and Eve. In between these […]

Social Commentary

Religious Freedoms and the Religious Discrimination Bill in Australia, 2019-2020

It is not uncommon in life to be dragged into unwelcome territory – I once took a kindergarten Scripture class which came to resemble drowning on land, as the children […]


No Beginning No End

‘In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth’ Genesis 1:1 For over a decade I have had the privilege of teaching Christian Studies to primary aged students. This […]

Christian Life

Living as Debtors

In 1546 Martin Luther was dying. He had been trying to resolve a dispute within a family at nearby Mansfield when he fell seriously ill. On his death bed, he […]