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World News

Ten Reasons Why Transgenderism Leads to Totalitarianism

A few years ago, a friend posted on Facebook a meme comprised of a picture with a Soviet-Russian bear and the words, “My favourite gender-neutral pronoun is comrade”. At first […]

Christian Life

What is the Christian View of Sex Education and Consent?

It’s easy enough to be against something – but what are we for? Last week https://ap.org.au/2021/03/03/is-more-education-the-answer-to-australias-sex-abuse-crisis/ we saw that the only answer our society has on sexual relationships is to teach […]

Social Commentary

Freudian Psychology and its Opposition to the Gospel of Jesus Christ

According to Christian theology, sin and guilt are the result of Adam’s transgression of God’s moral law, and are passed down and become ours individually by imputation. Sin can only […]

Christian Life

Needed: Holiness – The Lesson from Ravi Zacharias

It is sadly becoming a common story – Christian celebrity falls. The latest in the never-ending line is Ravi Zacharias, the globally popular Christian apologist who died last May. Ravi […]


An Atheist Defends Religious Freedom with Mark Latham (Profiles in Christian Living Podcast, Season 2 Special Episode)