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Desiring Man

Why did God create the world? The answer on the lips of anyone who knows Question One of the Westminster Shorter Catechism is “to glorify Him” or, as my children […]

Christian Life

I’m Sick. Should I Call the Elders? (James 5:13-16)

Have you followed James 5? Any Christian who has been sick for a while may at some point have found themselves being asked such a question.Or perhaps simply because they […]

Christian Life

Civil Days and Holy Days

It just so happens this year (2019) that Easter Sunday and Anzac Day fall near one another – on the 21 April and 25 April respectively. Given that the New […]

Christian Life

Good Friday – not just good, but glorious

Moderator’s Comments – Posted 1 April 2019 Childhood impressions linger, don’t they? I’m so grateful for (most of) them. My earliest memory of 1950s church life is full of happy […]