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Serving Christ in the Public Square with Eric Abetz (Profiles in Christian Living, Series 3 Episode 2)

Eric Abetz joined Mark Powell on the Profiles in Christian Living podcast, discussing the current bill on Religious Freedom as well as the increasingly vexed issue of Mandatory Vaccination. Be […]

Social Commentary

Kevin Conolly, MP for Riverstone, explains the NSW euthanasia bill.

The euthanasia and assisted suicide bill (formally known as the ‘Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill” 2021) has been passed in the lower house last Friday.  Mr Kevin Conolly gives an eye-opening look […]

Christian Life


The shattering news of little Emily’s inoperable brain tumour has dominated my thinking as nothing else could. One issue that arises is obviously ‘What can we pray for?’ Jesus’ disciples […]

Christian Life

The Corruption of the Australian University

The Australian universities—especially in the area of the humanities—are failing to educate the next generation. And we are now at a point where the existing tertiary institutions cannot be saved, […]