Edinburgh: Banner of Truth, 2017

John Owen became a Congregationalist (or Independent) by conviction, and so published this little work in 1647, although it is suitable for Christians of every ilk. William H. Goold, who was the nineteenth century editor of Owen’s works, commented: ‘John Owen is here, for once, a master of the art of concise writing.’ So Owen was capable of putting in full stops! In fewer than 100 pages the master theologian deals with twenty-two duties that Christians have in relation to their pastors and to one another. Saturated with Scripture, the result is a most powerful work which covers what is now a much neglected area of the Christian life. Clearly, Owen was not just a doctrinal thinker; he also aimed at encouraging congregations where the Scriptures were to be implemented in every area of life.

Doctrinal purity, sanctified affections, discernment, discipline, compassion, and empathy are all dealt with here. All in all, it is a most refreshing work to read.

Duties of Christian Fellowship

A Manual for Church Members

John Owen | The Banner of Truth

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