There’s an popular saying that the key to being useful in God’s kingdom can be summarised by the acronym F.A.T. which stands for being: Faithful. Available. Teachable. Normally, none of us wants to be identified as being overweight, but this is a really insightful summary as to what it means to serve Christ.

There are many joys and challenges which invariable come in Christian ministry, especially when we’re serving oversees in cultures different to our own. And the pressures—as well as opportunities—are different depending upon our marital status. i.e. Whether we’re married or single.

In this interview I sit down with Ruth Davies who has been serving as a single missionary in part of a larger team in Thailand for more than five years. We discuss how she came to the conviction that she was called to serve the LORD, as well as what have been some of the lessons she has learned along the way.

One of the remarkable things about Ruth is that even though she has gone through some difficult times she continues to maintain her joy. Why that is the case you’ll just have to make a cuppa, sit down and watch (or listen as you go about whatever you’re doing) and discover how God is doing remarkable things through ordinary people.

You can listen to her interview either on Spotify or below on YouTube: