Edinburgh: Banner of Truth, 2016

This is the second volume of Puritan daily readings to have been compiled by Richard Rushing, and it is as welcome as the first. For each day, there is a verse and a page-long comment from one of the Puritans, including a number of extracts from Bunyan’s The Pilgrim’s Progress, and some, such as Isaac Watts and Jonathan Edwards, from the post-Puritan period.

The readings dig deep, as the Puritans do, so, for example March 18-22 has five extracts from Stephen Charnock on curing sinful thoughts. From 10-14 April there are another five extracts from Isaac Watts on the subject of sinful fear. There is thus a strong devotional and practical thrust to the book.

The best review of this work might consist simply in quotations from it. Under 2 Timothy 4:18, from Paul’s last epistle before his execution, Thomas Brooks writes: ‘The righteousness of Christ is your life, your joy, your comfort, your crown, your confidence, your heaven, and your all.’ Such quotations could be multiplied. For 31 July there is a call from Richard Baxter to read good books – and that may be a suitable way to commend a book such as this.

Voices from the Past Volume 2

Puritan Devotional Readings

Edited by Richard Rushing | The Banner of Truth

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