Wheaton, IL: Crossway, 2019

In our worship and devotions, our focus has often been heavenly minded, yet in Revelation 21, the apostle John’s vision of the future consists “a new heaven and a new earth”. What is going to be on this new heaven and new earth? What is there awaiting believers when they reach their journey home? And how it is relevant for us living in this age here on earth?

In his book, Not Home Yet, Dr Ian Smith takes us through a brief survey of biblical theology. With the creation mandate (Genesis 1:28 – 30) as its foundation, the author shows how the grace of God comes to men through the renewal expressed in his covenant promises, to help us fulfil the responsibilities which we have failed (Heb 2:6-10), to steward the earth well and honour God by how we live, on this great journey home.

When we understand that the earth was made by God and declared to be very good, and that it will be renewed, and that many of our current achievements will be purged and have eternal significance, the merit of our activities is measured very differently. Such a worldview is holistic and gives so much meaning to so many of our current pursuits.

Theologically rich, but easily accessible for anyone!

Not Home Yet

How the Renewal of the Earth Fits into God’s Plan for the World

Dr Ian Smith | Crossway

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