Pakistani Christians and Muslims held a joint protest demonstration on Sunday, March 17, outside the Islamabad Press Club to express their outrage over the failure of authorities to deliver justice for rape victim Saima Iqbal, who was abducted last month and was subsequently allegedly tortured, raped and forced to convert to Islam.

Saima Iqbal, 35, was allegedly abducted by Khalid Sati on the evening of February 25, when Naveed Iqbal, her husband, had gone to work on the night shift in a call centre. On his return, Naveed Iqbal found his wife was missing.

A complaint was lodged with police on February 26. The police did not register it until March 1 after Mr Iqbal threatened the police that he would set himself on fire. The police recovered Saima Iqbal from the custody of the accused on March 5. Naveed Iqbal, however, learned from the police that his wife had been forced to convert to Islam and marry the accused.

Naveed Iqbal shared the ordeal his wife went through by uploading a video message on social media. A day after the video went viral Naveed Iqbal managed to rescue his wife from a government-run shelter for women.