Review of David Robertson, SEEK: More Real World Questions/More Real World Answers, Fearn: Christian Focus, 2023.

            David Robertson intends to write a trilogy based on Matthew 7:7, entitled  ASK, SEEK, and (to come) KNOCK. SEEK provides short but real answers to 52 real questions. The answers come with appropriate Bible verses, something to consider, possible further reading, and a prayer (often directed to Jesus). The style is punchy – David loves exclamation marks! But there is substance here, with a genuine ability to reach his audience, over a range of topics. David opposes the practice of factory hens without sounding like an extremist from PETA, and argues that black lives matter without resorting to Black Lives Matter. A raconteur, David tells a good story, but not simply for the sake of telling a story (e.g. p.96 on the seeker starting with Genesis in the KJV).

            Citations come from a variety of writers, including C. S. Lewis, Augustine of Hippo, John Milton, and Richard Dawkins. The much-debated 666 from Revelation 13:18 is dealt with in chapter 25, and in chapter 26 heaven is opened up most wonderfully. The Voluntary Human Extinction Movement (VHEM) is exposed for what it is – a hypocritical pro-euthanasia program. The Roman Catholic issue is tackled in chapter 47 in a helpful way, but too concessive to Benedict XVI. There is useful advice to consider here for all, including the practice of praying the Lord’s Prayer every day (p.214).   

Whoever thought of using green on faded grey as an introduction to each chapter has less colour sense than I have. This aside, David has produced another evangelistic gem, and is recommended to those engaged in evangelism and those seeking truth in this dark world.

– Peter Barnes