I recently had the wonderful privilege to sit down with Dr Jill Ireland and listen to her explain the changing nature of children’s literature over the past couple of decades as well as the importance of developing a discipline of reading good literature. There is much to be challenged, informed and inspired by what she has to say. Dr. Ireland herself reads a book per day which is an absolutely incredible example!

Please note one correction: The author who is also a psychologist at SMBC is Kristen YOUNG, and her very current book series (available from Koorong and from Amazon) is called the Collective Underground series. 

Book 1: Apprentice  (2021)

Book 2:  Elite  (2022)

Book 3  Flight  (2023)

Andrew Lansdown’s series of three  books has now been published as a one volume omnibus edition called Chronicles of Clarin. I did get the individual titles right though.

Susan Reibel Moore’s What Should My Child Read? can be bought from Five Senses Education.

You can listen to the full interview here on Spotify or watch it on the link below: