Review of Stuart Olyott Reading the Bible and Praying in Public, Edinburgh: Banner Of Truth, 2010.

HERE is a small booklet which illustrates the saying that ‘little things can mean a lot.’ It is very helpful for those who engage in the growing practice of congregational members participating in Bible reading and prayer in services of worship.

            I read once that someone asked Dr Lloyd-Jones if he prepared his prayers, to which he replied, ‘I prepare myself to pray.’ ‘Reading The Bible and Praying In Public’ is a great help in preparing ourselves both to pray and to read the Bible in public.

            To pray in a service of worship is to be given the responsibility of leading the Lord’s people to the Throne of Grace where they stand with reverence before Almighty God, the Creator of the Universe, the Redeemer of His people and their Comforter and Guide. It’s not a matter of ‘just asking’ from a hastily-made shopping list.

            With a few well-chosen words, Stuart Olyott helps us to prepare ourselves, first of all to read the Scriptures to the Lord’s people by keeping six principles in mind, followed by four principles by which to prepare ourselves to pray. By keeping these principles in mind we will grow in grace ourselves and enrich the spiritual growth of those we lead in worship.

            The booklet is available from REFORMERS.COM.AU

– Bob Thomas