One of the greatest challenges a number of Christian women and men have told me they face, is contentment in being single. Especially when their deepest desire is to be married and start a family. According to the apostle Paul, singleness is a “better” option than marriage (1 Cor. 7:38) but for many it feels like a curse rather than a blessing. 

In this interview, I sit down with Catherine Searle, a lovely, godly lady in my church who shares her own struggles in this regard. She shares how she has had to wrestle with God and his plan for her life. Her reflections on how God has brought her through this is a deeply encouraging and spiritually mature one. 

As someone who has survived a terminal cancer diagnosis not just once, but twice, Catherine shares that, that particular trial was nothing compared to the ongoing challenge of remaining single. Sometimes the Lord doesn’t grant us what we pray for, but as Catherine shares, this doesn’t mean that He doesn’t love us or have a beautiful plan for our lives.

We also talk about how as churches we can care and support people who are single. There’s a lot more which could be said but I think it’s best to let Catherine tell you in her own words. I personally learnt a lot through this conversation and I hope that it’s a blessing to you as well.