In 1963 my father added my name to the waiting list to become a member of the Sydney Cricket Ground, as in my family cricket was considered the king of sports, followed closely by Rugby League. Membership of the SCG was prized not only for the cricket but for

the Saturday Rugby League Match of the round, played at the ground. My membership was granted in 1981, and my first event was the Grand Final that year in which Canterbury defeated the mighty Roosters.

After 41 years membership, this year I have relinquished my members’ badge. It was a very tough decision, I wrote the letter and held it for two weeks before sending it off. I had and still have two reasons:

  • membership no longer represents value;
  • the increasing use of sport to promote woke causes.

To give some examples, the Australian cricket captain is now using his position to be an ambassador for climate action. In the past, ‘taking the knee’ was the issue and it won’t be long before there will be pressure for a ‘pride’ test match.

Since when have our sportsmen and women been our ethicists! Why do our sports administrators feel the need to affirm movements, the morality and integrity of which is at least questionable.

Another issue is the blatant hypocrisy of our sports stars who have become elites. I still have contact with an Australian Test match player of the 1960s, who is now an old aged pensioner, driving an old Toyota Corolla. How different to the luxury car, multiple property owning, carbon emitting stars, lecturing us lesser mortals today.

Sports stars, please play the game and cut the lectures!

– David Cook