Review of Simon van Bruchem, Distinctively Christian Retirement, Written for our Instruction, 2022.

            Simon van Bruchem is a Presbyterian pastor from Western Australia, and in a little over 200 pages he has written a most thorough and energetic treatment of a Christian view of old age and retirement. He concludes: ‘Retirement doesn’t need to be the selfish extended holiday many expect it to be. It can be a time of real Christian growth, the use of the experience and gifts God gave you, and a strong finish to a faithful life.’

            The style is designed for easy reading, such as when we are exhorted: ‘When you face God on the Last Day, don’t come with your bucket list.’ Doing nothing can kill us; there is a need for purpose in our lives. We are to think stewardship, not ownership. The coming of Christ, facing the reality of death and judgment, and thinking through the biblical message all drive the message of this book. It is saturated with Scripture, and will prove to be an impetus for good for those of us who ponder the call of Christ in old age, and are wary of the siren promises of the world.

  • Peter Barnes