A Tract in Every Language telling the Story of Jesus

Have you ever been in a situation where you would love to leave a gospel message with someone but had nothing with you to give? Or the person didn’t read English and that’s the only language you have available? Global Recordings Network has a unique solution to this dilemma: 5fish!                                                                                           

What is 5fish?

5fish is a computer program, otherwise known as an app, which is especially designed to be used on mobile phones and computers. It gives access to all of GRN’s recordings and audio-visuals, the Jesus Film, and audio Bibles in more than 6,700 different languages and speech varieties.

Content in a particular language can usually be found and loaded onto your phone or computer within a minute or two. God’s word can be immediately played or shown from the phone or computer. It can also be shared it with other people. 5fish is designed so that the recording can be easily sent to other people’s computers and mobile phones. It’s free to download, use or share!

Why is 5fish necessary?

The International Orality Network tells us that 4 out of 5 people in the world communicate primarily or exclusively through oral, not textual means. This means that only 1 out of 5 people are happy when you give them something to read – regardless of whether it is a book, magazine, or tract. Everyone else wants to listen or watch!

The Australian Bureau of Statistics conducted a survey in 2006 that informs us that approximately 7 million (46%) Australians aged 15 to 74 years did not reach the minimum standard required for individuals to meet the complex demands of everyday life and work in the emerging knowledge-based economy. Almost half of the Australian population would struggle to read and understand the Bible if you handed them one.

Wycliffe Global Alliance tells us that fewer than half of the world’s languages (3495) have any Bible portions translated. That is a lot of languages with no access to the Bible at all!

This is the context where Global Recordings Network performs a vital service. We tell the story of Jesus in every language. We do this in a world where many people can’t read, do not read or have no Bible to read.

5fish takes advantage of modern technology so people can find and listen to biblical messages in more than 6,700 languages and speech varieties quickly and without cost using technology that they already own and use.

Joy Ridderhoff remembered the record player that was in her village in Honduras and so sent them gospel records that could be played on that already existing record player. 5fish allows people to listen to the gospel on the phone in their pocket or computer in their home. In both cases people can listen in their own language and share the good news with their friends.

How has 5fish been used?

One of our workers in France has a neighbour from China. He shared the Good News recording with his neighbour in Mandarin using 5fish. The neighbour and his wife watched the good news in Mandarin on his phone.

At dinner some time later the neighbour spoke of little else apart from what he had heard on the recordings. Today the neighbour and his wife accompany our French worker and his family to church.

How can You Use 5fish?

Download 5fish onto your phone (https://5fish.mobi/apps), and practise finding languages and then play them on your phone. You will be ready to find a language and play it when you have the opportunity.

Pray and regularly ask God to give you opportunities to share the gospel with other people. Look for the opportunities God brings your way.

When you are talking with people who speak a language better than they speak English, or who don’t particularly like reading, and whom you think might like to hear a gospel message – ask if they would like to have a gospel message on their phone that they can listen to later. If they are interested, pick the relevant heart- language and play a message to them and share it with them. If they wish to, help them to have 5fish on their phone using their App store (the place they get the computer programs for their phone).

Remember that nearly half of the Aussies out there cannot read very well either. They too can listen to the messages in Australian English that have been recorded just for them – or find other good content to share with native English speakers! You won’t be caught out if you don’t have a Bible or tract, or if the person can’t read.

  • Christine Platt