Suspected Jihadists have decapitated a pastor in Cabo Delgado before forcing his wife to carry his head to the local police station. According to military sources, suspected Islamic extremists decapitated the pastor in Cabo Delgado, the northernmost province of Mozambique, last Wednesday. The distraught woman was then forced his to carry his head to police.

Zimbabwe Daily reported that the pastor’s wife told police that “suspected Islamic State-linked insurgents intercepted the pastor in a field, decapitated him and then handed over his head to his wife and ordered her to inform the authorities”.

International Christian Concern said the monstrous act took place amid a four-year long insurgency ravaging the country, leaving more than 3000 people dead and almost 100,000 displaced.

The violence is driven by a terrorist group calling itself Al-Shabab (though not linked to the Somali terror group). They seem to be loosely affiliated with Islamic State.

In March, Al-Shabab killed dozens in a coordinated attack on Cabo Delgado’s capital of Palma. In November 2020, Islamic militants turned a village football pitch in northern Mozambique into an execution ground where they beheaded more than 50 people during three days of savage violence.

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