When I read the article about Bishop Rod Chiswell in The Australian, I knew nothing of him.  If I believed the article I would have thought that he was at best an unwise, ungracioius, evangelical; at worst the bad bishop.   But having learned from bitter experience not to trust the press I realised instantly the tricks of the trade – the photographs, misquotations, one-sided narrative and political agenda and so I wrote The Final Stone for AP.   I did so based entirely on the article – without contacting Rod.  However after it was published we did get in touch and he agreed to do an interview for our new podcast – The ASK Podcast.  This was a live, unscripted conversation.  I will let you judge for yourself but from my perspective Rod Chiswell is a lovely, gracious, faithful and Christ-centred Christian.  The very opposite of the ‘Bad Bishop’ of the title.  I had heard a few Christians, who did not know Rod and who don’t know how false narratives can be set up; offer unwise criticisms.  It’s usuall better to reserve judgement until you hear both sides of the story.  Rod’s is a classic example of the better story.  I am glad he was able to tell it.