Today I had the opportunity to interview Mr Christensen about his Bill which protects children born alive after an abortion:

Mr Christensen has proposed a bill August this year to protect the lives of babies born alive after an abortion. 

During COVID, our politicians have said they have been working to save people’s lives from COVID.

We need to keep them accountable and make sure they are also working to save the lives of the babies born after an abortion. 

Please support his bill by doing the two things below:

Mr Christensen is speaking up for the voiceless in proposing his bill which protects babies born alive after an abortion. Speak up for the voiceless too in 2 ways: 

1. Sign up in support of his bill:

2. Contact your MP (both state and federal) to encourage them to support the bill or propose bills that are like it.

Patrick Jason – Member of Riverwood Punchbowl Anglican Church