Chinese authorities have found four Christians who sell audio Bible players guilty of running “an illegal business”. The business owner, Fu Hyunjuan, was sentenced to six years in prison and forced to pay a fine of 200,000 yuan (around $A42,000).

Three others, Deng Tianyong, Feng Qunhao and Han Li received shorter sentences.

The four Christians have been running their communication business creating and selling audio Bible players without any issues for years. That ended when authorities arrested them last year, confiscating their computers and Bibles. Their case was heard last December but their families only recently heard the verdict.

Audio Bibles play a big part in nurturing the faith of the Chinese church, especially for children, those unable to read and those who can’t get their hands on a physical Bible. Because of the faithful work of Christians like these, countless people across China have heard the gospel for the first time.

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