My soul faints with longing for your salvation, but I have put my hope in your word.  My eyes fail, looking for your promise; I say, “When will you comfort me?”

Psalm 119:81-82

Throughout this long psalm, the psalmist is really struggling with the LORD’s perplexing providence in his life and circumstances.  It is therefore a good psalm to read through and reflect on in our present situation.

And the important thing for us to learn from him is his ‘secret’ as to what kept him going, and able to cope through all his struggles: God’s revelation of himself in his Word, his Laws, his Statutes, his Precepts, his Promises, etc.  (There is a direct reference to one of these in all but 1 of the 176 verses!).  What an encouragement and challenge this is for me to read a portion of God’s inspired Word EVERY day!

My problems might not be solved, my soul might ‘faint with longing’, my eyes [to see God’s sovereign hand at work] might ‘fail’, and my constant plea to my loving Heavenly Father might be, “WHEN will you COMFORT me?”, but, in the midst of ALL this, and in spite of it, I can say with confidence, as the psalmist does, “I HAVE PUT MY HOPE in YOUR WORD.”

“Your words to me are life and health – pour strength into my soul; enable, guide and teach my heart to reach its perfect goal!  Your words to me are light and truth; from day to day they show their wisdom, passing earthly lore, as in their truth I GROW.  Your words to me are full of joy, of beauty, peace and grace; from them I learn your blessed will, THROUGH THEM I SEE YOUR FACE.  Your words are perfected in One – yourself, the Living Word; within my heart your image print in clearest lines, O Lord.” (George Martin).