Cause, Free to Change: Survey of 78 Ex-LGBT People, available through

Before the Victorian government passed its oppressive laws banning ‘conversion therapy’ in February 2021, it drew on a predictable report from La Trobe University entitled Preventing Harm, Promoting Justice. This was based on the testimony of just fifteen individuals who claimed that ‘conversion therapy’ had been harmful and damaging to them. As a result, praying for and counselling a homosexual – even one who asks to be prayed for and counselled – has become a criminal offense carrying huge fines and long gaol terms. Against this, Cause (Coalition Against Unsafe Sexual Education) has found 78 people who have experienced lasting change through counselling. Indeed, the number is growing.

This 107 page work is thorough and trustworthy. The dangers in promoting the homosexual and lesbian lifestyle, and entrenching gender confusion, are well exhibited. The testimonies from former homosexuals, lesbians and transgenderites, in chapter 7 of the book, are powerful indeed, and deeply moving. Not all give a Christian story; some come from Muslims and some do not indicate any religious convictions. But transformation through Christ is a thread running through much of this book. La Trobe’s study was supposedly aimed at preventing harm, but achieved the opposite. Sin is a form of bondage (John 8:32, 36), and the Victorian legislation was a cruel form of keeping people in bondage, even if they expressed a wish to change. We can be grateful that this clear and brave study was put together by Con Kafataris, John Whitehall, John Steenhof and others. May God greatly use it!

– Peter Barnes