God is light with us, God is light behind us, whispered into time.

Is his light abiding?

Springing as a clay bird, his wondrous voice encircling, strikes me like a hammer, shaping all my tracts of thought, with spectrums of his logic.

Is his love abiding?

Has his mercy reached you?

Deep within my conscience he shows himself as fire, to purge his wild cuttings and bid me come and sup with him.

The Son of Man’s worded filaments, delicious seeds planted in my heart, beams of uncreated light, gleaming sunshine of Christ’s endless covenant, engrafted new, transfused from his bone and marrow to my life, a feast tuned and bound strong with my sinews from Joseph’s beautiful coat.

Joy overflowing, my sapless soul to water, the fruit of all his zeal. Humble faith, born of blood,

A new name transplanted in the tissues of my lineage, vanquishing my pride, the goad of my projections.

His wonderful strength burrows through me, upturning the soil of my heart, mixing it with the splendours of his infinite grace.

As I, like a worn traveller, lie down to sleep, trace with my mind’s eye

those places your footsteps trod,

Arcturus and Orion, the great Behemoth with its bones like iron bars which guided Job’s sons and daughters.

He who knows Himself and became nothing, enters Paradise with the dying thief, justifies me by his knowledge, keeping his promise made before time, to be my companion.

You saved Rahab by a scarlet thread and split the crimson sea by your command, its fury whistling round pharaoh’s chariots, its heavy roar bringing hope in the midst of the shadows.

O come my Light shine on my journey’s end, assemble your wedding guests by your heavenly voice, rebuke my fears and whisper within those sweet dreams and bright days when Jacob saw the way up to God and sighed for Eden’s glory, before Adam broke the Law’s sheath by his fall and Almighty love held the world’s frame.