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The Literary Christian – with Jill Ireland Profiles in Christian Living

In this episode of Profiles In Christian Living, host Mark Powell speaks with Dr. Jill Ireland.  They discuss Australian authors, views on Harry Potter, and tips for parents finding the right books for their children. Jill spent two decades as an academic staff member at the University of Wollongong’s Bega and Bateman’s Bay campuses, teaching English literature. She is a senior lecturer in the Master’s program at the National Institute for Christian Education, and has edited several books on Christian education. For more from AP, visit http://www.ap.org.au And be sure to check out previous episodes of Profiles In Christian Living wherever you listen to podcasts.   This podcast was recorded and produced at Production Farm Studios, Hobart. http://www.productionfarm.studio
  1. The Literary Christian – with Jill Ireland
  2. The Christian Woman and Singleness (with Catherine Searle)
  3. Confessions of a Pro-Lifer at the United Nations (with Peter Smith)
  4. From Swami to Follower of Jesus (with Ruth Burgess)
  5. Fostering Hope (with Mary Dickins)