Chris Morphew is a chaplain at Presbyterian Ladies College in Sydney, the author of “Best News Ever” and the “Big Questions” series from The Good Book Company, as well as one of the authors behind the Zac Power book series. Mark Powell is joined in the studio by Chris for this latest podcast, be sure to tune in and subscribe to the Profiles in Christian Living podcast!

The Christian Woman and Singleness (with Catherine Searle) Profiles in Christian Living

In this episode of Profiles In Christian Living, host Mark Powell speaks with Catherine Searle about the challenges and freedoms that come with singleness in the Christian Church today.  Be sure to subscribe wherever you get your podcasts, and check out other episodes. For more like this, visit This podcast was recorded and produced at Production Farm Studios, Hobart.
  1. The Christian Woman and Singleness (with Catherine Searle)
  2. Confessions of a Pro-Lifer at the United Nations (with Peter Smith)
  3. From Swami to Follower of Jesus (with Ruth Burgess)
  4. Fostering Hope (with Mary Dickins)
  5. Occult Practitioner to Follower of Christ (with Anita)