Rev. Dr. David Burge works in both academic and pastoral realms. He teaches Systematic Theology and New Testament at Sydney Missionary and Bible College while serving as pastor at Drummoyne Presbyterian Church. David encourages evangelical Christian leaders to not be perturbed by sceptical scholarship, nor to dilute its message in order to meet our culture half way. Scripture is best declared with humble confidence.

Fostering Hope (with Mary Dickins) Profiles in Christian Living

Mark Powell finds out about the world of fostering as he speaks with Mary Dickins, Founder and Coordinator of Fostering Hope. Fostering Hope help find stable, loving homes for any child who needs one, and provide ongoing support. Fostering Hope is a Christian organisation whose work comes from the Bible and the teachings of Jesus to ‘visit’ and ‘care for’ orphans and widows, to put the lonely in families, to love the fatherless, to care for children, to love the neighbours in the communities God has placed us, and to be salt and light. Find out more at Be sure to subscribe wherever you get your podcasts, and check out our other episodes. For more like this, visit Podcast recorded and produced at Production Farm Studio, Hobart.
  1. Fostering Hope (with Mary Dickins)
  2. Occult Practitioner to Follower of Christ (with Anita)
  3. The Artist and God's Creation (Richard Stanley)
  4. The Ministry of Hospital Chaplaincy (Jason Summers)
  5. From LGBTQ+ to Christ