Rev. Dr. David Burge works in both academic and pastoral realms. He teaches Systematic Theology and New Testament at Sydney Missionary and Bible College while serving as pastor at Drummoyne Presbyterian Church. David encourages evangelical Christian leaders to not be perturbed by sceptical scholarship, nor to dilute its message in order to meet our culture half way. Scripture is best declared with humble confidence.

From A Hard Place to the Rock (Vince Williamson) Profiles in Christian Living

Reaching men today with the gospel, hear from the life and experience of Vince Williamson in this week's episode of Profiles in Christian Living. Be sure to subscribe wherever you watch or listen to your podcasts!
  1. From A Hard Place to the Rock (Vince Williamson)
  2. The Chaplain and the Creative (Chris Morphew)
  3. The Pastor-Scholar (Rev. Dr. David Burge)
  4. Christian Singleness and Dating (Simon Wong)
  5. The Canberra Declaration (Kurt Mahlburg & Warwick Marsh)