The Canberra Declaration is the work of many individual Christians, clergy and Christian ministries, representing a wide variety of denominations. This week, hear Mark Powell talk with Kurt Mahlburg and Warwick Marsh about this important work.

Occult Practitioner to Follower of Christ (with Anita) Profiles in Christian Living

Mark Powell talks with Anita about her past living as an occult practitioner, and her journey to follower of Christ.   Be sure to subscribe wherever you get your podcasts, and check out our  other episodes. For more like this, visit   Podcast recorded and produced at Production Farm Studio, Hobart.
  1. Occult Practitioner to Follower of Christ (with Anita)
  2. The Artist and God's Creation (Richard Stanley)
  3. The Ministry of Hospital Chaplaincy (Jason Summers)
  4. From LGBTQ+ to Christ
  5. The Challenge of Being a Christian Politician (Johno Duniam)