(Tunes: All Saints or Joyful, Joyful)

1. God has made us in His image,
In His likeness we were formed,
Pinnacle of His creation,
Known by Him before we’re born.
In rebellion, we were banished
From the Garden at the Fall,
Trust was broken, shame had entered,
Sin established, once for all.

2. Through the coming generations
God revealed His rescue plan –
Speaking first to righteous Abram
Of promised heirs and wealth and land.
Blessing Israel’s kings and prophets
When, by faith, they bowed the knee,
Set their hope on God’s Messiah
To fulfill this destiny.

3. When, at last, God dwelled among us,
Full of glory, truth and grace,
He displayed His Father’s likeness –
Many Jews despised His Face.
In His death and resurrection
Jesus brought God’s Kingdom in,
Every promise found fulfillment,
In this prophet, priest and King!

4. Christ’s apostles preached his glory,
To all nations, far and near
Calling all to turn and serve him,
Speaking out the gospel clear.
Now we share the ancient promise,
Share the hope and know the joy,
With God’s people through the ages,
Spirit hearts in unity.

5. One day, every eye will see Him,
Kneel before His majesty
As He rides the clouds of heaven
Ending human history!
Those who called Christ “Lord and Saviour”,
Go to their eternal rest,
Gather ‘round His throne immortal
Ever praising, ever blessed!

6. See John’s vision of the Garden –
God now dwells again with man!
Endless union – man and Maker
In His perfect Promised Land.
Flowing through the heavenly city
Light and life in streams abound,
Radiance from God’s awesome presence
Lights the Lamb, forever crowned!

© Words by Sally Trethewey & Phil Campbell 2003