In 1993, during my tenure as Principal at SMBC, a biennial Preaching Conference was established. The preacher at that first conference was Dick Lucas from London. Other preachers through the years included Haddon Robinson, Ralph Davis, Don Carson, John Chapman, John Woodbridge, Jerry Bridges and Peter Adam. The Conferences had an invigorating affect on College life – indeed some students even timed their entry into College in order to attend two conferences in their college career. Training and encouraging preachers is at the core of a Bible College’s responsibility, as it seeks to prepare gospel workers for the Church. An emphasis on expository preaching must never be displaced, because 2 Timothy 3:16-17 asserts that Scripture has its source in God, is God-breathed, and is vital for the salvation of the lost and the maturing of the found.

Bible-believing faithful preaching conferences have proved to be helpful to the church as they modelled fine preaching, which of course is more caught than taught. Under Peter Hastie’s Principalship at the Presbyterian Theological College in Melbourne, such a conference has been introduced, and has attracted attendees not only from Victoria but interstate. This year, from March 9-11, the conference will also hear from two men who have grown up in Presbyterian manses: Stuart White, who presently leads the AFES work at Monash University and Andrew Hastie, the Federal member for Canning and Assistant Minister for Defence. There is a brochure for the Conference and the timetable.

We are hopeful to be meeting face to face but will be making every endeavour to provide live-streaming.

David Cook.