Police in Pakistan’s Faisalabad area have freed a 12-year-old Christian girl, five months after Muslim men allegedly abducted, forcibly converted her to Islam, and one of them married her. Police produced Farah Shaheen before the district court of Faisalabad last week, and the court sent her to a shelter house, rights activists said social media posts on December 6.

“Officials first brought her to the police station after negotiations with criminals. Her ankles and feet were wounded. They were bandaged at the police station. She was in trauma and couldn’t tell about the torture,” social activist Lala Robin Daniel told UCA News.

Shaheen’s parents complained to police that three Muslims on June 25 kidnapped their minor daughter from their house in the Ahmedabad area. They claimed 45-year-old Khizar Ahmad Ali forcibly converted her to Islam and married her.

“Her marriage, forceful conversion, and injured feet speak of the horror. Police, judiciary, and weak laws make fun of poor parents,” Daniel said in a social media post.

UCA News