At least 30 Christians were killed, and 10 young women and girls raped, in a string of attacks on five villages in Democratic Republic of Congo by jihadi terrorists. An extremist rebel group, the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF), raided the villages in North Kivu province between 20 November and 3 December.

Local reports described scenes of terrified Christians flooding into the streets as the jihadists surrounded churches in each of the five villages armed with guns, machetes, clubs, swords and axes. Fourteen Christians were admitted to hospital in a critical condition with injuries including severe wounds to the head, legs, arms and hands. At least 15 people were abducted from two of the churches.

A Christian survivor, who witnessed an attack on his village in the early hours of 22 November, explained that through the vent in the latrine, where he was hiding, he could see the militants murder his wife and three children.

Regional security officers confirmed reports that the jihadists targeted Christians and killed those who refused to convert to Islam.

More than 20 people were killed and a number abducted in a suspected ADF militant attack in North Kivu province on 30 October. The terror group is also suspected of carrying out several atrocities in Ituri province, neighbouring North Kivu, including the murder of at least 58 people in attacks on two villages in September 2020.

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