As nations marked World Television Day on November 21, soaring audience engagement shows that Christian television is bringing hope to Middle East viewers grappling with COVID-19, according to a SAT-7 press release. A worship concert filmed on the roof of SAT-7’s Beirut studio lifted spirits after the Beirut explosion.

The Middle East Christian TV network is looking back on a record year of interactions between its viewers and audience support teams. Since the Middle East and North Africa began confronting the challenge of COVID-19 in March, a 30 per cent climb in audience engagements for the network overall has shown how many have turned to SAT-7 for support, the network says.

The growth was especially marked for the channels that serve Turkish viewers, Arabic speaking children, and for SAT-7 ACADEMY education programmes. Audience engagement for SAT-7 KIDS climbed by 90 per cent to 47,300 contacts. Contacts for the Turkish channel, SAT-7 TŰRK, rose 120 per cent to 25,300, and audience engagement for SAT-7 ACADEMY soared by 328 per cent to 47,500.

Assist News Service