Bellingham: Lexham Press, 2020

Abraham  Kuyper  (1837-1920) is  known  as  a  former  Prime  Minister  of  the Netherlands, one who encouraged the growth of Christian schools, and who developed views on sphere sovereignty and common grace. Yet behind all these achievements was a mind which had pondered deeply on Scripture as the Word of God. Liberal theology held no attraction to him, at least not after his conversion which occurred after he had already been ordained. Referring to Psalm 86:11-12, he warned: ‘There’s nothing at all to be gained by half-hearted piety, compromised orthodoxy, or half-baked theology.’

There are deep thoughts here, notably on Psalm 7 where the anger of God is not set in tension against the love of God. In fact, it is the anger of God that blesses us in the battle against sin. In dealing with Psalm 41:3, he notes that ‘a sick person sometimes is far more useful and accomplishes more for the Lord than a person in full health.’ He adds: ‘What makes all the difference is whether a sickbed is endured with God or without him!’ His pity comments make for a sanctified spirit, as on Psalm 51:17 where he says: ‘There’s room for everything else in hell. Just not for a broken human heart!’

Here are 31 days where the reader will be challenged, stretched, uplifted, provoked, and comforted. What better writer to whet our appetite for a renewed look at the Psalms! This is warmly commended.

Ever in Thy Sight

31 Devotions on the Psalms

Abraham Kuyper | Lexham Press

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