Bellingham, WA: Kirkdale Press, 2015

Every now and again a book comes along that you cannot put down. And what can be even more surprising is that when you first picked up the book you didn’t think you would be captivated by it at all. For me, Peter Jones’ The Other Worldview, was just such a book. I was initially given it by a friend who thought I would be interested, and it has since become one of my all-time favourites.

What is so good about this book? Well, Jones does a terrific job at explaining the process of de-Christianisation that has occurred throughout the West and in particular the impact of Jungian psychology. At first, one wouldn’t expect this to be very significant but Jones shows how this factor in particular has contributed to deconstructing the worldview of the West. One needs to know that Jung was personally involved in the occult and was theologically heterodox.

Jones goes on to show that we have become not so much a secular culture—as so many people today assume—but a deeply pagan one. Even though many have rejected Christianity, they have not stopped being religious or deeply spiritual. The problem is, in rejecting what Jones refers to as “twoism” (the relationship that exists between the Creator and his creation) society has adopted “oneism” which is focused on the worship of self.

This is a really important work that is easily accessible to everyone. It might take a little while to get into—and the title or cover might not excite you at all—but this book is filled with intellectual and spiritual gold. Well worth the time digging into for the rewards are significant.

The Other Worldview

Exposing Christianity’s Greatest Threat

Dr. Peter Jones | Kirkham Press

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