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Tag: David Cook

The Ten Truths

I am a post war, ‘baby boomer’, I have never known any other state than freedom, including the freedom to speak my mind. Since 1968 I have been a Christian […]

Preaching Clubs

Ulrich Zwingli, the Swiss Reformer, preached his sermon on ‘The Shepherd’ in 1523. The sermon and its publication was widely influential in the developing role and model of ministry in […]

On Death

Robert Dessaix is the latest prominent person to give us advice about death and dying. Like Kerry Packer before him, Dessaix reports that in 2001 following a heart attack, he […]


‘Empty’, ‘vacuous’, ‘meaningless’, ‘unsubstantial’, ‘nothingness’ – these are just some of the nouns and adjectives which my Thesaurus provides to describe the lead photo in the Australian of the weekend […]

The Absent Father

In 1978 Ronald Conway published his expose of Australian life, The Land of the Long Weekend. Conway asserts that Australia is one of the most female-dominated societies in the world, […]


Two Christian radio commentators were being compared, and one was preferred because, ‘he never preaches at us’. The preferred one, ‘is just nice, accepting and just like us, except that […]