The next candidate to be a judge on the US Supreme Court, Ketanji Brown Jackson, was recently asked for her definition of a woman. She replied that she could not answer because ‘I’m not a biologist.’ So there is an abundance of woke material for someone like James Macpherson to make use of. One lunacy after another is dealt with in a rollicking journey through the dangerous foibles of modern Woketopia. 

            It is best read in small doses in order to retain one’s sanity. There are some marvellous patches as when Macpherson replies to the claim that ‘trans women are women’. This is like saying ‘sea horses are horses’. Macpherson says that in today’s word: ‘We are not in danger of being overwhelmed by bigots who reject everything as much as we are in danger from open-minded fools who accept everything.’ Except what is obvious. Flagship programs like Q&A and The Drum promote diversity like a packet of M&Ms – there are lots of different colours but all with the same flavour.

            In reading Notes from Woketopia, there is a tendency to oscillate between laughter and despair. The problem is that the examples all happened. My major complaint is that the material is not well organised, and references are not given. But the aim is sure, and it does not miss.

                                                                                                – Peter Barnes