I recently did a ministry safety course in which one question asked us to differentiate people into categories: the privileged and disadvantaged. The privileged comprised those with a stable family, good income and good education, while the disadvantaged had the opposite, making them vulnerable and needing special care. 

I reflected on Psalm 1, which talks about privileged (blessed) people in God’s eyes, evidenced by lives of enduring strength, beauty, and productivity, able to withstand hard conditions. In contrast, the disadvantaged go through the life, missing God’s way and perishing (like a garden hose), only to get thrown out.

I realised that God sees all of us as disadvantaged, trapped in our selfish natures, subject to pain, sweat and heartache. But I love it that He did something about it: stepping into our world, suffering, dying, and conquering death, overcoming our enemies to lead us onto the road of eternal life, opening up the privilege to become a child in His family.  

Psalm 1 calls us to consider the outcome of our lives and stop walking, standing and sitting with those who oppose God’s righteous ways, and instead delight in understanding and applying His word. Vulnerable people can find new life, follow life-giving values and receive His benefits.

As one of God’s children, a huge benefit is loving relationships—the vertical one with Him through Jesus, which flows on to horizontal relationships with others. It’s like a solid rock in a world of chaos. I’m grateful for these enduring relationships that give purpose, meaning and direction in life and enjoy sharing them with others. Life still has many challenges and in many ways I’m still vulnerable but privileged to have God helping me all through life and for eternity. 

– Dorcas Denness               <*}}}><