Lindsey Tollefson has produced a set of reflections on 44 Psalms, all to do with the trials which we face in life. The result is worthwhile, although the result is a little uneven. At times there was more text than the content warranted; the applications were rather American in some places; and the tone was occasionally too pedestrian. At other times there were helpful and penetrating comments and applications. One can never be quite sure if the problem lies with the author or the reviewer. 

            Having said that it is uneven, there is much here to strengthen the saints in times of adversity. The work should help in prayer and in responding to real life under the universal curse. The Psalms are ideal for this, and these reflections will get the reader into the Psalms. I was just left with the impression – justified or not – that other works do it better. 

                                                                                                – Peter Barnes